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A life of Magic. "A joy once received, now given…"

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• Think of a Card - Chet Wallace •
Now in eBook format with video clips

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I originally published this booklet in 1982. Chet didn't want this piece of magic to get lost in magical history and neither did I. Now you can have it in eBook form with the illustrations. Available in the store.

The Street Rope Trick - The DVD

It's taken a long time to get this out, but now is the time. The Street Rope Trick is now available on DVD. Step by step instructions by Bro. Paul and the amount of rope you need to get up and running with one of the best usable rope routines on the market. Street. Close-up. Stage. No angel problems. Perfected by 1,000's of performances. Shipping NOW! READ MORE.

The Stupid Bean Trick
Reviews and Discussions
at the Magic Cafe

The Bonus CD
• includes •
Ground Zero 2.0 - 1998 - Lecture Notes, 40 pages, 45 photos
X Marks The Spot - 2003 Lecture Notes, 30 pages
I Hate Rules - Full Routine, 20 pages, 19 photos
The Street Rope Trick - Full Routine, 32 pages, 70 photos
* All notes are in PDF - Video clips are in Quicktime

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The Stupid Bean Trick